Hizbullah, Amal Movement Slam Arsal Crime

Hizbullah, Amal Movement Slam Arsal CrimeFollowing the blasphemous crime that claimed the lives of four citizens in Arsal East Lebanon, the leaderships of Hizbullah and Amal Movement issued the following statement:

First: The leaderships of Hizbullah and Amal Movement and MPs of the area offer their dear condolences to the oppressed victims’ families, who fell as a result of a treacherous crime.

Second: This profane crime comes in the framework of a series of crimes that some mercenaries commit to ignite secession in the area under false pretexts.

Third: We urge the reasonable and wise men and our families not to be dragged to responses so that to foil the bidders’ chance in sucking the area’s residents to a spiral of internal fighting, which would serve the enemies.

Fourth: The MPs of area consider that the government’s negligence on this level pushes for secession. Therefore, the government must take decisive and strong responsibility through hastily treating the issue, striking the murderous criminals with a firm grip, apprehending them, trying them, and severely punishing them in order to maintain the country and people.

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