Levant Union Conference calls for halt of supplying Takfiris with weapons and money

leb shia sunniParticipants in the International Levant ( Bilad al-Sham ) Union Conference condemned the foreign interference in the Islamic Nation’s affairs, particularly the American and European interference.

Wrapping up its activities on Wednesday in Beirut, the conference called on, in a statement, the Arab countries to stop supplying the takfiris in Syria with weapons and money and to stop the systematic destruction of Syria.

The statement also stressed the necessity of enabling the Syrian people to determine their own future by themselves through free and democratic elections in which they express their will freely and independently.

“The crimes committed by the takfiries in Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Pakistan are smirch and crime against humanity which were perpetrated against peaceful civilians,” the final statement said, calling for suing the perpetrators of these crimes since they are genocide crimes.

It warned that the takfiri satellite channels played dangerous role in sowing sedition and undermining the unity of the Islamic nation.

It said “Takfir is a dangerous devilish slide that threatens the interest of the nation and has nothing to do with Islam.”

The Levant Union conference held in Beirut under the motto “tolerance of Islam and the sedition of takfir” discussed several axes on Islam and takfir across history.

Syria’s Grand Mufti Ahmad Bader-Eddin Hassoun unveiled a US-Qatari plan to sow sedition in the Islamic Nation, asserting that Qatar was requested to form a committee encompassing Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Gulf countries to incite the Muslims in Russia, Iran and the neighboring countries to create chaos in these countries.


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