Hizbullah Slams Targeting LA, Dirty Attempt to Link it to President’s Speech

hizbula flaq yellowCommenting on the anonymous missiles that targeted the Lebanese army positions in Baabda, Hizbullah issued the following statement:

The anonymous rockets that targeted military sites and the surroundings of the presidential palace in Baabda confirm that the criminal and terrorist hands seek to harm the military institution.

This attack comes on the Army Day, which is a national holiday that unites all the Lebanese people.
Thus, it attempts to accomplish the conspiracy and to stir strife between the components of the nation.

In the same context, Hizbullah notes to the remarkable rush of some local and Arabic TV channels that linked President Michel Suleiman’s Thursday speech regarding the resistance’s weaponry and its role to the attack.

This is a dirty and blatant attempt.

As Hizbullah strongly condemns this crime, it also denounces the attempts by some media to exploit the incident and try to provoke the Lebanese against each other in order to weaken their national unity and distract them from the major cause which is confronting the Zionist enemy.

It further confirms that using violence and crimes as means to face the opposing political opinion in the country is an unsuccessful strategy that reveals the incapability, political failure, and bankruptcy of the betters.

In parallel, it calls for a wider campaign of solidarity with this great national institution [Lebanese Army] to protect the homeland and its people as well as to avoid the conspiracies.


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