Over 2700 Gas Masks in Hasbaya Being sent to Occupied Golan, confiscated

lab hizbullaThe Lebanese Army on Thursday evening announced seizing a truck carrying gas masks and related equipment in the town of al-Kfeir in the Hasbaya District.

According to the Lebanese Army command, “The pick-up truck driver was arrested and the materials were confiscated.”

It further added that “the competent court has opened an investigation in the incident.”

In parallel, al-Ahed news learned that the LA’s confiscation reached more than 2700 gas masks.

According to the sources, the suspended N. H is just responsible for securing the transfer of these masks from Shebaa through the Jebel Sheikh to the area of Beit Jan in the occupied Golan Heights.

Meanwhile, media reports suggested that the truck was bound for the Syrian opposition.
“The truck was bound for Syria’s opposition via the “Israeli”-occupied Mount Haramon,” they said, and pointed out that “the truck driver is called Nawwaf al-Halabi and that he hails from Hasbaya.”

On the same level, a bomb prepared for explosion was found Thursday in the district of Maaraka town in Tyre.
The bomb drew the security apparatuses to cordon off the place.

Thereupon a military expert set off dismantling the bomb that showed to constitute dynamites and explosives with an electric box.


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