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Hezbollah: Our security measures vital to people protection

hezbullaHezbollah resistance movement says it has to carry on its own security measures in Beirut’s southern suburbs because Lebanese security agencies are unable to protect the densely-populated area.
Hezbollah’s deputy head Sheikh Naim Qassem said in response to group’s request for more security measures in the volatile southern suburbs of the Lebanese capital chiefs of security agencies have told them that they are unable to protect the area.
Responding to Lebanese March 14 party critics of Hezbollah’s security measures, Qassem said, “What is the alternative solution? They [March 14] say the state is the solution. But the state is saying it is unable [to protect the suburbs]. In this case, shall we keep the streets open to booby-trapped cars to come and go, causing victims?”
“We have never acted to replace the state, neither in security, political and social issues, nor in any other issue. Two bombings happened in the southern suburbs that resulted in victims, wounded and destruction. The Lebanese security forces told us that preparations were underway for an additional bombing attempt in the [southern] suburbs and in some areas.”
“The bombings did not target specific figures or sites of Hezbollah, but the people anywhere. Therefore, the state is responsible for protecting the people since they are paying taxes,” he said.
Following the two bombings, Qassem said Hezbollah officials had met with chiefs of security agencies to discuss measures to protect the southern suburbs from a new wave of bombings.
“We clearly asked them [security chiefs] to do their job, but they said they are unable to do so. They said, ‘We cannot provide the number [of security personnel] or protect the [southern] suburbs and some other areas,’” Qassem said.
He added that Hezbollah demanded a decision from the caretaker government to increase the number of security personnel.
“We say that the Lebanese security agencies are solely responsible for the people’s security and they must search for a solution. Until a solution is found, what shall we do? Shall we leave our areas unprotected, giving criminals and takfiris a chance to carry out aggressive actions against the people?” Qassem asked.
“We have volunteered to prevent booby-trapped cars, without this having anything to do with other matters pertaining to the people’s security,” Qassem added.
Hezbollah has beefed up its security measures in the southern suburbs, the south and the Bekaa Valley after a car bomb attack in the Ruwaiss neighborhood killed 30 people and wounded over 300 on Aug. 15.
The blast came more than a month after a similar car bombing wounded more than 50 in the neighborhood of Bir al-Abed in the southern suburbs.
Hezbollah set up checkpoints, particularly at the entrances and exits of the southern suburbs, where the party’s security agents inspected cars and asked the passengers for their identification papers.
Many of the residents at the Hezbollah protected areas blame Israel for latests attacks.
Following the deadly attack on neighborhood of Ruwaiss in Beirut on mid August Lebanese President Michel Sleiman said the bombing bore the fingerprints of the Israel.


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