Hezbollah welcomes Berri’s political roadmap offer

hasan nasrullaHezbollah has welcomed an initiative put forward by Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri to put an end to the political deadlock in the country.
“The Loyalty to the Resistance bloc welcomed the initiative and saw in it a realistic proposal that gives political rivals a chance to discuss items included calmly and responsibly,” said a statement from Hezbollah after lawmakers from the party met with a delegation of Berri’s Development and Liberation bloc.
The statement added that the calm and responsible discussion of items proposed in Berri’s initiative “could lead to solutions that satisfy all parties and end the political stalemate that is obstructing the country and exhausting citizens and allowing foreign interventions into the country which only results in further complications of the crisis.”
Berri formed a delegation last week to explain his recent initiative to rival parties to find a way out the current political impasse, but the proposal came under fire from some Future Movement officials.
Last month, Berri proposed a five-day conclave of Dialogue sessions attended by March 8 and March 14 leaders in addition to Prime Minister-designate Tammam Salam to address divisive issues, including the makeup and policy statement of a new Cabinet, a national defense strategy, means to end Lebanese intervention in Syria and the new electoral law.
Berri argues that his initiative does not override the prerogative of the president and the PM-designate, whose task was to form a new Cabinet.


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