Zionist General: Israeli Army Cannot Defeat Hezbollah, Must Change Strategy

zionistThe former Head of the so-called Israeli National Security council, Gen. (res.) Giora Island, asserted that the results of any future war with Hezbollah will not be different from those of 2006 war and that the Zionist entity has to change its strategy.

Island considered that the Zionist entity will be exposed to a severer blow in any coming war than that it received in 2006 as Hezbollah has developed its fighting capabilities.

“Hezbollah is an organization that adopts special military tactics which are based on the stealth, elastic movement that hinders any inimical aggression,” he added, “The Israeli intelligence data lose their importance, even against senior targets, because Hezbollah can change the position of the targets before the Israeli army moves to attack them.”

The Zionist officer stressed that the Israeli army cannot defeat Hezbollah before it adopts a new strategy which involves targeting all the Lebanese territories, including the Lebanese official institutions.

“This will deter Hezbollah and shorten the war’s duration as the International connections to halt it will start immediately so that war lasts 3 days instead of 33 days.”


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