Hezbollah: Israel won’t be allowed to set rules of conflict in Syria

Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement says the Israeli regime seeks to portray itself as the party calling the shots in the Syria crisis by launching hit-and-run attacks against the Arab country, but it will not be allowed to do so.

In an interview with Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen TV on Monday, Hezbollah Deputy Secretary-General, Sheikh Naim Qassem, warned that Israel’s airstrike against the T-4 airbase, located in Syria’s west-central province of Homs, would not go unanswered.

That attack, which took place on April 9, saw two Israeli F-15 warplanes use Lebanese air space to target the Syrian airbase with missiles, killing over a dozen people, including seven Iranian military advisors.

“By bombing the T-4 army base, Israel wanted to create an equation that shows that it controls the rules of conflict, and this is not acceptable to us,” the senior Hezbollah official said.

The regime sporadically carries out such attacks against Syria using Lebanon’s skies. Following the attack on T-4, Beirut said last week that it would lodge a complaint with the UN over the regime’s nonstop violations of Lebanon’s airspace.

The attacks are most of the time carried out against targets belonging to Hezbollah, which has been successfully helping Syria contain Takfiri militancy.

Qassem further played down Israel’s hit-and-run raids against targets in Syria and said the nature of such attacks show it is not prepared for a all-out war.

“Israel is not ready for an all-out war, and therefore it is waging a campaign between the wars,” he said, adding, “The axis of resistance…will not allow [Israel] to restrict its movement in Syria.”


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