Hezbollah salutes Lebanese army

leb march armyLebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah has saluted the Lebanese army for its recent achievements in fighting against ‘Takfiri threat.’

Hezbollah said in a statement issued on Wednesday that the army’s “advanced security achievements add points to its honorable record.”
The statement came after the army reported the arrest of Naim Abbas, a commander of the al-Qaeda-linked Abdullah Azzam Brigades, which has been behind a wave of recent bombings in the Lebanese capital, Beirut.
Lebanese security sources say Abbas was arrested on suspicion of receiving booby-trapped cars transported by an extremist identified as Omar Ibrahim al-Atrash.
“This step is an indication of the army’s dedication, its hard work and its continuous sacrifices to protect the Lebanese people against all the dangers haunting them, especially against the Zionist danger and the terrorist Takfiri threat that is targeting innocent civilians,” the statement said.
It further called on all the Lebanese people to back the army in its fight against terrorism.
“We call on the Lebanese people, all parties and groups, to support the military institution against terrorist forces that are targeting citizens’ security, threatening their future and planting seeds of sedition and strife between them,” it said.
“The army is the shield protecting all the Lebanese.”

The Lebanese capital has been repeatedly hit by similar terrorist attacks in recent months.
In November, more than two dozen people were killed and over 150 others injured in two bomb attacks carried out in southern Beirut.
Abdullah Azzam Brigades claimed responsibility for the twin bomb attacks.


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