Loyalty to Resistance: National Unity Needed to Reach Cabinet Policy Statement

hizbullah risistansLoyalty to the Resistance bloc said on Thursday that it is Loyalty to Resistance Blocstill possible to reach a satisfactory agreement on the Cabinet Policy Statement, if all the parties would prioritize the national interest.

According to a statement issued at the end of the bloc’s weekly gathering, conferees took up the latest developments on the local, regional and international scenes.

Participants mainly reviewed the ongoing debate about the Policy Statement’s content, hoping that “the Lebanese political and religious affiliations would be aware that their interest lies in abiding by the formula that guarantees the protection of Lebanon and of which the Resistance is one of the main pillars.”

The block reiterated commitment to the freedom of press enshrined in the Constitution and the laws, refusing any infringement of that freedom for political and personal considerations.

Conferees finally praised the Lebanese army for its efforts in the pursuit of terrorists, before stressing the importance of cooperation and coordination between different security apparat


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