Lebanese Sunni Thinkers Play Major Role in Confronting Takfir

majorA senior Lebanese Sunni cleric said Muslim thinkers and scholars play an important role in fighting the danger of Takfir. Delivering Friday prayers sermons in the city of Sidon on March 28, Sheikh Mahir Hamoud added that confronting the Takfiris (those considering their fellow Muslims as infidels) requires efforts in different areas including political, cultural, social, and security arenas.

He said if scholars and intellectuals take steps against the Takfiri ideology, there will be positive outcomes in the Muslim world.
The senior Sunni cleric further referred to the situation in Syria and said the US intentions in Syria have not been realized.
It is natural that after this failure, the US has focused on destroying Syria and encircling the resistance movement, he said.
Sheikh Hamoud went on to say that what is taking place in Syria is not a revolution or a move toward realization of justice and human rights and promotion of Islamic values but rather a move toward chaos, Takfir, destruction and terrorism.
He also hailed the repeated accomplishments of the resistance movement in fighting the Takfiri terrorists in Syria.
In recent months, Syrian government forces have been making fresh gains in their operations in militant-held areas around Damascus and the northeastern city of Aleppo.
On March 19, the Syrian army units took full control of the town of Ras al-Ain, also in the Qalamoun region. The town was under control of foreign-backed militants for months.
Syria has been the scene of a deadly crisis since March 2011. Some sources say over 140,000 people have been killed and millions displaced because of the foreign-backed turmoil.


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