Geagea to Run Presidential Elections, March 14 Lingers, Faisal Karami Blasts

lebnanon electionLebanese Forces Leader Samir Geagea announced on Friday his nomination for the presidential elections, reaping March 14 lingering stances, while the minister Faisal Karami blasted LF’s step.

Lebanese Forces (LF) executive committee had announced LF in a statement the nomination of the party leader, Samir Geagea, for presidential elections.

The nomination came after a meeting that the committee held to discuss Geagea’s candidacy to presidential elections.

“Today’s meeting is an exceptional one in structure and content in light of the situation that Lebanon is passing through, and the step that we are to discuss to take a final decision over constitutes is an important twist in Lebanon’s history,” Geagea confirmed at the beginning of the committee’s meeting.

He added that they were before two choices either “to continue as the situation is and the outcome is instability, or to gather our strength and carry out an exceptional step to attain a drastic quantum leap,” pointing that the “meeting today is an attempt to exit the current crisis in Lebanon to a stage of security, stability, prosperity, sovereignty, freedom and independence.”
March 14 refrains from clear support to Geagea
Deputy House Speaker, Farid Makari, said on Friday that Lebanese Forces leader, Samir Geagea, had great chances to obtain the support of March 14 forces for his candidacy to the presidential elections.

Al-Mustaqbal lawmaker Ahmad Fatfat stressed on Friday that March 14 has not yet chosen its candidate for the presidential elections.

Karami blasts Geagea step
The former minister Faisal Karami blasted Geagea’s step and considered that it represents the moral declination in the country.

Karami further addressed Maronite Patriarch Bshara Rai, asking him to take a historical stance regarding the issue.

It is worth noting that Geagea had been jailed over his war crimes and assassinations, including former PM Rashid Karami, for 11 years when a public amnesty terminated his life sentence.

Geagea also played a remarkable role against the Palestinian resistance during the Lebanese civil war, in coordination with the Israeli occupation troops, committing Sabra-Shatila massacre in 1982.


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