“Muslims’ money earned by perpetrators of Yemen, Syria war”, Lebanese cleric

Sheikh Sohaib Habli, senior member of union of resistance scholars in his speech at Ibrahim Mosque in Sidon demanded Muslim nation to admit the call by Tunisian scholars based on boycotting Hajj pilgrimage.).

Sheikh Habli said,” This proposal has followed measures by managers of Hajj because they have distracted the sacred ceremony from its religious objectives and Abrahamic Hajj is distanced from its truth which is worshipping.”

He added,” Wahhabism is pursuing ways to fade the high objectives of Hajj because God Almighty has set Kaaba as a secure spot for all people while this security does not prevail the place and Hajj has divided from a pulpit to call pilgrims to reforming their ego.”

Lebanese Sunni scholar noted,” Muslims’ money fills the pocket of warmonger sides in Syria and Yemen but as we know God Almighty does not allow a Muslim to be a partner in killing his Muslim brother.”

Senior member of union of resistance scholars referred to return of Syrian refugees to their homelands and hailed efforts by Lebanon to maintain stability and security of the displaced people.

The cleric stressed political cooperation between Lebanon and Syria to solve the issue of Syrian refugees and hailed the concurrent security organizations to support the Palestinian nations saying,” Authorities have proved their constant attendance to the issue of Palestine.”


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