Hezbollah Fighters Liberated from Syria’s Foua & Kefraya Arrive to Hometowns in Lebanon

The six Hezbollah fighters who were liberated from Foua and Kefraya in Syria’s Idlib after a three-year terrorist siege imposed on the two towns arrived on Friday afternoon to their various hometowns in Lebanon.

One of the Islamic Resistance fighters, Jamil Fakih, embraced martyrdom while defending the innocent civilians in Foua and Kefraya against the attacks launched by the terrorist groups.

Crowded ceremonies have been prepared and held to welcome the heroic fighters, Mujahid Wissam Dulani, Ahmad Bashir, Fadl Hakim, Mohammad Atiyeh and Mohammad Safieddine, who steadfastly confronted the takfiri militants in the two Syrian towns.

Hezbollah MPs Mohammad Raad and Ali Ammar hailed during the ceremonies the sacrifices of the Resistance fighters that contributed to the counter-terror victory in Syria.


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