Hezbollah Denounces Suweida Attacks: “US Involved in This Blatant Crime”

Hezbollah on Thursday denounced the terrorists blast in Syria’s Suweida, warning that the US occupation forces in Tanf are involved in the blatant crime which killed and injured dozens of innocent people.

“Suweida city and surrounding towns in the Syrian Arab Republic were subjected to a dangerous terrorist operation perpetrated by ISIL gangs. Dozens of innocent citizens were martyred and injured when terrorists launched a series of suicide blasts and a wide-scale ground attack in the area,” Hezbollah said in a statement released by the party’s Media Relations office.

The Lebanese resistance movement denounced the “sinful crime along with its perpetrators and those who stand behind the Takfiri terrorists.”

Hezbollah offered condolences to the people of Suweida in particular and all Syrians in general, as he praised the courage of the Syrian Army soldiers and the locals who confronted the terrorist attacks and foiled them.

“This operation comes after the outstanding victories achieved recently by the Syrian Army and its allies in Syria’s south,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah noted that the US occupation forces stationed in Tanf are involved in the attacks against Suweida as they a clear facilitation for the terrorists’ movements in the area.

“This facilitation proves that there are international and regional powers who are still using these criminal groups to reach their malicious and aggressive goals,” the statement concluded.


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