Lebanese Druze party leader praises Iran for saving region from terrorists

Druze Party leader Prince Talal Arslan Arslan who is also caretaker Lebanese Minister for the Displaced People, lauded role of Iran in a meeting with Iran’s Ambassador to Beirut Mohammad Jalal Feirouznia, saying that Lebanon and entire region would not get rid of terrorists without Iranian support for the Lebanese resistance movement.

He said that takfiri groups such as Daesh and the Zionist regime would have captured the entire region including Lebanon if Iran had not extended support to counter them.
Talal Arsalan said ground now well-prepared for countries to help restore stability and nations’ rights in this region by following Iran along with Syria and Lebanese resistance. Road Map and our essential plan in the region require collective support of resistance movement which is regarded as invincible principles, he said.
The Lebanese minister said that measures adopted by western countries were aimed at seeking to materialize whimsical wishes of the Zionist regime.
The Iranian ambassador voiced Iran’s readiness to expand relations and cooperation between the two countries. He said that such interactions between the two sides will play decisive role in fight against threats imposed by Zionist regime and existing challenges in the region.


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