I promised to build Lebanese economy, fight corruption, tackle refugee situation: Aoun

President Michel Aoun on Monday maintained that there will be no immunity for anybody in the fight against corruption, stressing that each and every accused must appear before the court.

“We are enduring an accumulation of crises which can be resolved once determined properly,” Aoun indicated during the launching ceremony of the national campaign to boost the Lebanese economy, at Baabda palace.

“I have promised to build the Lebanese economy, fight corruption and tackle the refugee situation,” he said.

“Everybody ought to know that there will be no immunity for anyone,” he added.

“Each accused must appear before the court; otherwise, we will be facing a huge problem,” he warned.

“The Lebanese people must become a resistant people in order to immunize the economy,” he called.

“Corruption is the biggest damage we are facing in Lebanon,” he stressed, adding that only the judiciary can incriminate or acquit the suspects.


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