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If Land No Longer Exists, It’s Natural that Peace Will Also Be Lost: Lebanese President

Lebanese President, Michel Aoun, called for a unified Arab stance towards the Arab struggle with the Israeli enemy.

In an interview with the Tunisian Television, ahead of his participation the Arab Summit, Aoun said: “I always call for non-despair, and we have to think well of tomorrow.”

The President called on the Arab countries “to develop a unified, right decision which could form an approachable path, after a good distance was made towards peace following the Arab initiative of peace presented by the late Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz in Beirut in 2002, namely the land-for-peace initiative.”

However, Aoun warned: “If the land no longer exists, it is natural that peace will also be lost, for land and peace are an indivisible unity,” National News Agency (NNA) reported.

Touching on the relationship between Lebanon and Tunisia, Aoun described it as “strong and based on common values that respect the freedom of belief and the right to disagree…and freedom of opinion as stipulated by democratic principles.”

The President asserted that “the similarities between the two countries are many, including the ability to override the effects of war, and the awareness of the Tunisians by giving the opposition to democracy despite the difficulties and setbacks,” noting that “Tunisia remained on the right track.”


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