Clear documents prove that Shebaa Farms are Lebanese

Despite the statements made to question the real identity of Shebaa Farms, clear documents prove that they are Lebanese, Al-Manar TV report stressed.

The report showed a group of Lebanese people holding documents which prove that they own properties and lands in the farms which had been controlled by the Lebanese government before it was occupied by the Israeli enemy in 1967, the report added.

The Lebanese historian Dr. Issam Khalifa said that a French report published in 1937 confirmed that Shebaa Farms are Lebanese, adding that in 1946, Lebanon and Syria authenticated the identity of the area.

Khalifa also pointed out that even Israeli politicians acknowledged that Shebaa Farms are Lebanese, noting that one of his recent books also contribute to this evident fact.

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah has always reiterated that Shebaa Farms are Lebanese will certainly be liberated by the resistance.


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