Lebanese Speaker Berri Chairs Meeting Attended by Hezbollah, PSP Representatives

Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri on Sunday brought together representatives from the Progressive Socialist Party and Hezbollah in light of PSP head Walid Joumblatt controversial remarks on the Israeli-occupied Shebaa Farms.

The National News Agency said the Ain el-Tineh meeting was attended by the MPs Wael Abu Faour and Ghazi Aridi of the PSP and Hezbollah officials Hussein al-Khalil and Wafiq Safa.

Berri’s adviser Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil and the Speaker’s aide Ahmed Baalbaki also attended the talks.

“The discussion session was frank, tackled all issues and will be continued with a positive spirit,” Khalil said after the meeting.

“As for the Shebaa Farms, they are Lebanese, and this issue, in my opinion, is totally out of discussion,” he added.


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