We Will Not Accept Dividing of Lebanon into Cantons: Gibran Bassil

Minister of Foreign Affairs Gibran Bassil, said Saturday afternoon, during a meeting with FPM cadres in the city of Tripoli that he wouldn’t “accept that Lebanon be divided into cantons or restricted areas in the face of the Lebanese.”

“Lebanese citizens will not be isolated in a region or a district,” he said, “We have the right to opinion and freedom of expression, and I thank all those who gathered to protest my visit.”

“A lot was said about this visit. The purpose of visiting Tripoli today is to distort its meaning because they want us to stay away from each other,” he went on.

The minister stressed that his visit to the Mountain last Sunday was not “to provoke any quarrel,” noting that the FPM did not participate in any war and was always with the Lebanese army against the militias.

Finally, he considered that his visit to Tripoli aims to promote coexistence in this city.


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