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 United Arab Emirates Regime Hostiles Muslims In China!

The ruling regime in the United Arab Emirates hostiles Muslims and restricts any space available to the citizens’ practices of Islam, while externally demonizes Islamic groups and goes to support torturing oppressed Muslims in China.

The United Arab Emirates supported a United Nations message supporting China’s policy in the western province of Xingyang in clear contrast to Western criticism of Beijing’s policy in the region, Reuters news agency reported.

The UN and international organizations said that China is practicing repressive and arbitrary policies against Muslims in Xingyang provinces such as killings, arrests and enforced disappearances in flagrant violation of human rights and freedom of religious belief.

China is accused of detaining one million Muslims and persecuting Uighur people in Xingyang province. 22 ambassadors signed a letter to the UN Human Rights Council this week criticizing its policies in the region. But the message in favor of China praised what she described China’s remarkable achievements in the field of human rights.

“We note with appreciation that human rights are respected and protected in China in the process of counterterrorism and de-radicalization,” the letter read.

The message added that security had returned to Xingyang and that there were basic human rights for people of all ethnic groups in the province. There has not been a single terrorist attack in three years and people have a stronger sense of happiness, accomplishment, and security, the letter stated.

Earlier, 21 Western countries and Japan sent a letter to the UN’s top human rights official to denounce China’s arbitrary arrests of ethnic Uighurs and other minorities in Xingyang.

The letter, signed in particular by France, Australia, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Denmark, New Zealand, Norway, and the Netherlands, was addressed to High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet and President of the Human Rights Council, Colle Sik.

The letter voices concern at reports of unlawful detention in “large-scale places of detention, as well as widespread surveillance and restrictions, particularly targeting Uighurs and other minorities in Xinjiang”.

The letter did not reach the level of an official statement read in the Council or a resolution that could be voted on as the activists wanted. Diplomats said the reason was due to government fears of a violent political and economic reaction from China.


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