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Syrian Army discovered a mass grave of govt forces in Dara’a

The Syrian Army discovered a mass grave containing dead bodies of the government forces killed during the occupation of Dara’a province by terrorist groups, media sources said.

A military source said that the Syrian Army found a mass grave containing 13 corpses near the city of Navi in Western Dara’a.

The source noted that the Syrian Soldiers had been killed in clashes with the terrorists in Dara’a region over the past six years.

The Syrian Army has discovered a number of mass graves containing bodies of Syrian soldiers after liberation of the Southern parts of Syria since last year.

In a relevant development in early July, the dead bodies of several more victims killed in ISIL attacks had been discovered from the mass-graves in Raqqa in recent days.

The Kurdish-language Hawar News website reported that civil teams in the city had found the corpses of 190 people from a mass-grave in al-Talaeh Garrison South of Raqqa.

It noted that about 4,700 dead bodies of civilians and some ISIL terrorists have been taken out of mass-graves in Raqqa city.

Most of the bodies found in Raqqa belong to civilians who had been killed in US airstrikes in this region over the past two years and also civilians executed by the ISIL terrorist group on different charges.


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