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President Bashar al-Assad Perform Eid Prayer in Damascus

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday morning performed Eid al-Adha Prayer at a Damascus mosque, SANA news agency reprorted.

The prayer was attended by the Minister of Religious Endowments (Awqaf), Grand Mufti of the Republic, a number of senior officials, People’s Assembly members, religious scholars, and other citizens, according to SANA.

Sheikh Hassan Awad, who led the prayer, delivered a sermon, in which he talked about the sublime meanings of Eid Al-Adha.

Eid Al-Adha teaches people how to be patient in difficult times. It consolidates the values of sacrifice for defending the dignity and safety of the homeland, Sheikh Awad said as quoted by the Syrian official agency.

The Syrian scholar praised President Assad as saying: “You have led the homeland in the most difficult circumstances. You have been steadfast, and we have been steadfast because you.”

“God bestowed victory upon our homeland through the sacrifices of our heroic army which has been engaged in the fiercest battels against terrorism and its backers,” the Syrian scholar added.


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