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Hundreds of Russian Troops Deployed to Syria’s Idlib: Report

Russian troops reportedly are being deployed to Syria’s Idlib as Syrian army seems resolved the northern province from foreign-backed militant and terrorist groups.

Al Masdar News cited the Russian publication Lenta.Ru as reporting that hundreds of Russian troops belonging to the Yevgeny Prigoshin private military contractors were sent to the Idlib, despite a pause in offensive operations.

“The plan is for groups of 50 people each, with the support of Russian aviation, to take part in street battles necessary to clear the populated city from thousands of militants associated with Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia),” the Russian online newspaper reported this weekend, Al Masdar said.

“Today, Idlib is being kept under control only by the presence in the region of hundreds of thousands of civilians. Having evacuated them, the military operation against the militants can be continued, and in a completely different way,” the Moscow-based media added.

As of now, the Syrian Army has paused all offensive operations in the Idlib Governorate as they adhere to a ceasefire that was proposed by the Russian Armed Forces.

On August 5, the Syrian army declared in a statement the start of an offensive against foreign-sponsored militants in Idlib after those positioned in the de-escalation zone failed to honor a ceasefire brokered by Russia and Turkey and continued to target civilian neighborhoods.

Syrian army has so far managed to liberate several towns from terrorists and mainstream Turkey-backed militants in Idlib, most importantly the strategic city of Khan Sheikhoun.

Syria is in the last phase of the war on the foreign-backed terrorists as many terror groups have been vanquished from the Arab country since last year. The war-wracked country has wrest back control of many territories from ISIS and other terrorist groups which have been wreaking havoc in the country. The war has displaced millions of people in the Arab country since 2011.


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