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Terrorists continue to prevent civilians from exiting through Abu al-Dohour corridor

Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization and the affiliated groups in Idleb continue to prevent the locals from exiting to the safe areas through Abu al-Dohour corridor for the twentieth day in a row to use them as human shields amid fears for the civilians where terrorists spread after news on eruption of fight among terrorist organizations.

SANA’s correspondent at the corridor said that after the passage of twenty days, Abu al-Dohour corridor hasn’t witnessed the exit of any civilian from the areas where the terrorist organizations spread.

He indicated that the bodies concerned are ready to receive those who are willing to exit to the safe areas as they had prepared a mobile clinic and ambulances with their teams, in addition to buses, food materials and other requirements.

The bodies concerned in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Army units have prepared Abu al-Dohour corridor for securing the exit of civilians from the areas where the terrorist organizations spread in Idleb province and for transporting them to temporary housing shelters which are supplied with all of their basic needs.

In another context, local and media sources said that over the past few days, there has been deep disputes among terrorist organizations, particularly in Idleb City, and these disputed have developed into a fight among their factions as scores of terrorists have been killed.

The sources added that the reason behind the eruption of the fight is the operations of kidnapping and killing between their groups after a dispute among a number of their leaders on distributing money which they had collected from the locals and the money paid to them by their sponsors, in addition to looting the public and private properties.


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