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US forces transferring Daesh terrorists from Syria to Iraq

US forces transferring Daesh terrorists from Syria to Iraq. US military forces are transporting hundreds of the ISIS terrorists from al-Jazirah in Syria’s  Hasakah province to neighboring Iraq.

US forces transferring Daesh

Citing media and local sources, Syria’s official news agency SANA reported that American forces had recently relocated the terrorists.

US hosts ISIS in Syria, Iraq

It referred that the US keeps Daesh members at al-Hol refugee camp, close to the Syria-Iraq borde. Interestingly, Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) run the camp.

US forces transferring Daesh

Reportedly, 230 foreign terrorists from Daesh transferred from al-Malikiyah prison to a detention center in al-Shaddadi town in southern Hasakah.

Since October 9, SANA said, US forces have transported hundreds of Daesh extremists and their relatives in six phases.

Interestingly, US did it when Turkey and its allied militants launched a ground offensive against Kurdish forces.

US also facilitates ISIS families

According to the report, US forces also turned illegal base in Shaddadi into a place of accommodation for Daesh terrorists and their families.

Earlier, US forces brought them from al-Hol camp and prisons across Syria to the base. They did that to transport ISIS militants on board military helicopters to Iraq.

Amazingly, US forces have airlifted many Daesh terrorists from one place in Syria to another, under the cover of darkness. The US is seeking to protect them in the face of Syrian governement advancement and territorial gains. However, US wants to coverup their alliance with the Takfiri extremists.

Syrians welcome government troops

Meanwhile, in Syria’s eastern province of Dayr al-Zawr, dozens of people gathered to express support for the deployment of government forces.

Notably, they lauded Syrian government troops deployment in the Kurdish-populated border towns in the wake of Turkey’s offensive.


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