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Syrian army kills 70 Takfiri militants in Raqqa Province

Syrian government troops have killed at least 70 Takfiri ISIL terrorists during a massive military operation in the country’s troubled north, initial reports say.

The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), which is based in London and opposes the Syrian government, confirmed the latest reports on Friday.

Senior officials from the SOHR say the militants have been killed in the northern province of Raqqa since early Wednesday following the government air raids on their strongholds.

This came after the Takfiri terrorists launched a major push on a military airport in the city of Raqqa. The ISIL militants have already captured a large part of the northern region.

In a separate development, hundreds of Syrian families have returned home in southern Damascus following a deal between the Syrian government and militants

Five hundred families, who had left the towns of al-Qadam and al-Essali over two years ago following battles there, were allowed by the Syrian government to enter the area. Humanitarian assistance was also provided by the Syrian army.

Over the past months, the Syrian army has achieved major victories in its battle against Takfiri groups across the country.

The Syrian army gains have forced the US and its regional allies such as Saudi Arabia to increase the bulk of aid for the terrorists.

Syria has been gripped by deadly violence since March 2011. Over 170,000 people have reportedly been killed and millions displaced due to the violence fueled by the Western-backed militants.

The West and its regional allies, including Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, are giving financial and military support to the militants.

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