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Qatar opposes Tel Aviv’s intention to occupy West Bank

Qatar’s Foreign Minister has said he opposes any attempt by the Zionist regime to occupy other lands on the West Bank.

Qatar’s Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman has said that the country rejects any attempt by the Zionist regime to occupy more territory in the West Bank and will continue to support the Palestinian people.

“Doha has supported the Palestinian people for more than $ 1.2 billion over the past eight years and will continue to do so,” the Qatari Foreign Minister said at a special virtual meeting to raise funds for Palestine.

Qatar’s financial support for Palestine has recently exceeded $ 150 million, part of which has been earmarked for dealing with Corona.

Qatar’s Foreign Minister called Corona a major challenge for the whole world and stressed the importance of continuing to support the Palestinian people in this situation.

Mohammad bin Abdul Rahman expressed concern that the level of aid to the Palestinian people would decrease because of the global economic situation due to the outbreak of corona.

In the end, he called on donor countries to continue to support Palestine, saying it would strengthen peace and stability.


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