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Advisor to Syrian President stresses resistance against US pressures

The senior Political and Media Advisor to the Syrian President stressed resistance against the US’ pressures, saying that Syria’s position is to resist occupation and terrorism.

Bouthaina Shaaban said by increasing pressure on Syria, the US is seeking what it failed to achieve through terrorism.

Referring to the US new sanctions against Syria in the form of the so-called ‘Caesar Act’, Shaaban said the act targets not only Syria but its allies including Iran and Russia.

Advisor to Syrian President said the US has set conditions for the abolition of Caesar Act, which is in fact the abolition of the Syrian sovereignty, noting that if the Syrian nation were supposed to accept the conditions, they would not have endured a nine-year war on terror to defend their independence.

The US Congress passed Caesar Law in 2019 and enforced it from the beginning of June.

By the virtue of the law, the US Government imposes severe sanctions on Syrian institutions and individuals, putting them under pressure and harming Syria’s allies as they are reconstructing the country.


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