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Syrians Rally against Military Presence of US, Turkey in Qamishli Countryside

Residents of Tal Sateh village in the countryside of Qamishli gathered to demand the expulsion of the US and Turkish forces from the Syrian lands. The protesters also gathered to denounce the so-called Caesar Act.

The participants in the gathering affirmed that they will stand by the Syrian Arab Army to eliminate terrorism and confront its supporters, and chanted slogans calling for the expulsion of the Turkish and US occupiers and denouncing the unjust American blockade on the Syrian people, SANA reported.

The participants also called for resisting the Turkish and US occupations and expelling them from Syria in order to get rid of their arbitrary practices against the people by displacing them from their lands, stealing oil and wheat, and depriving the Syrians of the wealth of their country.

In June, the US enforced new sanctions on Syria under the Caesar Act, which is said to aim at increasing the pressure on the Syrian government to halt alleged attacks on civilians.

The act is set to punish anyone who provides support to, or deals with, the Syrian government or any of the entities it owns or controls.

The measures focus on three major sectors: the military, oil and gas, as well as reconstruction in the Syrian government-controlled areas. It also opens the door to sanctions on the Central Bank of Syria if the US Treasury finds it plays a role in money laundering.


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