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Assad meets with French lawmakers in Damascus

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has met with a delegation of French parliamentarians in the capital Damascus.

The delegation was headed by French Senator Jean-Pierre Vial, Chairman of the Syrian-French friendship Committee, the Syrian Arab News Agency, SANA, reported on Wednesday.

The two sides discussed the Syrian-French relations, the regional and international developments and challenges facing the Arab and European regions, particularly those related to terrorism.

Members of the delegation stressed the desire of many of French parliamentarians to visit Syria to witness the developments on the ground in person, and relay the realities of the country to the French people.

The lawmakers highlighted the need for cooperation in various fields for the benefit of both French and Syrian people, stressing that the interests of France require the establishment of security and stability in the region as well as cooperation with Syria in order to curb terrorism, which is not only a threat to the people in the Middle East, but also to Europe.

During the meeting, Assad said fighting terrorism demands a real political will and belief in the fact that the outcome will be in the interest of all people while the dangers will threaten all countries.

“If this issue could be tackled based on this principle, surely we will soon witness tangible positive results,” added the president.

Based on that logic, he said, Syria has always encouraged cooperation among countries as such cooperation is the most effective way to hold back terrorism and eventually eliminate it.

Assad added that Syria has always been and still is willing to develop and boost relations with other countries on the basis of respecting their sovereignty and rejecting any interference in their internal affairs.


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