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Young Kurdish Girl Who Kill 400 ISIS Terrorists

The little girl, who appears to be around six or seven, is shown sitting just behind the large machine gun.She chats away to a man behind the camera, telling him she is ‘shooting at Daesh’ in Kurdish – before firing several rounds into the desert.

The man asks her how many ISIS fighters she has killed so far, and she holds up four fingers while boasting ‘400’. As she fires the gun, he says: ‘Kill, kill.’
The video was posted in January, but has only recently emerged on social networks.YPG is the acronym for the People’s Protection Unit, which has been battling ISIS since the extremists rise to power last year.
But while ISIS are known for using young recruits to carry out executions, fight and even become suicide bombers, the Kurds have so far kept their children out of the battle.

One of the most horrifying videos released by the terrorists showed a young boy seeming to execute a so-called spy. They have also released a video of dozens of ‘child soldiers’ from Kazakhstan, apparently being trained to fight against ISIS enemies.

Instead, Kurds are famous for their female recruits: it has proved to be one of their strengths against the militants, as they appear to believe if ISIS members are killed by a women they will not be rewarded with 72 virgins in the afterlife in paradise.

As a result ISIS fighters have been reluctant to enter battles with the Women’s Protection Units, or YPJ, reportedly leading to descent within the ranks of the terrorists and hastening their retreat from battles in places like Kobane.

Click here for Video link: http://en.alalam.ir/news/1695361


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