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ISIL Mufti: suicide attacks by females in case of emergency is obligatory

ISIL issued a new fatwa that a suicide attack by females in case of emergency is obligatory.

This terrorist group also establishes brainwashing classes for women. The women who escaped captivity by the Islamic State group during an interview with The Independent newspaper said: this terrorist group issued a new fatwa which says a suicide bombing by women is obligatory as well as Jihad Al-Nikah, or sexual jihad and sleeping with ISIL fighters.

Also Almaloma news agency reported that “Aisha” a 32-year-old woman who managed to escape from ISIL group is stated that ISIL issued a new fatwa which called on women to have sexual relations with all ISIL fighters.

Aisha also added: this terrorist group has continuously and regularly conducted brainwashing classes for us and with phrases such as absolutely worthless human beings and the importance of maintaining ISIL group as above all things, in addition to Jihad Al-Nikah intends to prepare us for suicide bombings.


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