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Syrian Army Push Terrorist Back to Clean up Hama from Terrorists

With the combined support of Syrian and Russian warplanes, Syria’s government army is pushing terrorist back to the borders of northern Idlib province.

Government forces’ artillery has been pounding Sukeik, Tamana and Khan-Sheikhun, which small terrorist groups affiliated with Jabhat al-Nusra are carrying out attack against Syrian army.

During the less than one hour spent by a group of Russian journalists at the artillery battery under Captain Nasr, his seven 130-millimeter M-46 guns and two GRAD multiple rocket-launchers fired no less than 40 shells and rockets at militant strongholds and command centers 10 kilometers away.

“We took up this position and fortified it several days ago with the aim of forcing militants back towards Idlib province and clear the whole of Hama province,” Captain Nasr told visiting frontline reporters. “The ultimate aim is to reach the Turkish border and to force the terrorists out of Syrian territory altogether”, TASS reports.

MiG-21 and MiG-23 Warplanes of the Syrian air force fly daily sorties from an air base in Hama to provide air support for the offensive on the ground.

In other parts of the country, Russian jets for the first time have carried out air raids on southern Syria, a few kilometers from the Golan Heights occupied by Israel, UK-based monitoring agency Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Friday, quoting sources in the Daraa region.
Russian aircrafts on October 28 reportedly hit Tell al Hara, a hill 20 km east of the area controlled by the Zionists. The targeted area is held by Syrian insurgents.


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