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200 Chechen Militants Killed by ISIL after Fleeing War in Raqqa

ISIL executed tens of its own militants after they tried to defect the terrorist group and flee the battlefield in Raqqa under Russian airstrikes.

Over 200 militants from Chechnya and the Central Asian countries were executed by the ISIL after they tried to defect and join the Al-Nusra Front, the Arabic-language Russiya al-Youm quoted a former ISIL commander who recently defected the terrorist group as saying.

He said that the defectors were headed to a natural hole in the ground in the countryside of al-Raqqa where they were murdered and their bodies dumped.

“Another 21 militants of Caucasian nationalities were gunned down by ISIL in August after they left their guard posts,” the defector commander said.

He noted that the 21 were executed militants with heavy machineguns before they could escape the battle over Aleppo’s military airport.

In July, a report said that Chechnya stood atop the list of nations who have the largest number of militants fighting against the Syrian government.

According to the report by the Lebanon-based Al-Manar satellite TV, Chechnya, with 14,000 militants, ranks first among the world countries – which also include European nations and the US – whose citizens have joined the terrorists in Syria.

The report also said that Turkey plays the most important role in sneaking terrorists from Chechnya and other countries into Syria.

A sum of 3,671 Chechen terrorists have been killed and 1,397 others have been missing in Syria.

A recent UN report revealed that terrorists from 29 countries have so far infiltrated into Syria to fight against the Damascus government, most of whom are extremist Salafists.


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