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Syrian Kurds Kill ISIS Members in Large Numbers

Kurd fighters have attacked ISIS Members in northern Syria and have killed them in large numbers.

A militia of Syrian Kurds – has told Sky News they are winning the battle against ISIS but need more weapons and training. Despite their lack of equipment they have managed to recapture swathes of territory from the extremist group and will soon. YPG commanders said they are priming the coalition with coordinates of ISIS positions so they can escalate their bombing campaign from the air.

As we made our way to the frontline we saw plenty of evidence that the self-proclaimed caliphate is contracting. Lying by the side of the road we found the remains of ISIS militants in shallow graves.
They’ve not been buried to give them dignity but to stop the spread of disease from their rotting corpses. The youngest fighter on the frontline we visited is just 16 and the oldest is 18 – Rustam Judy is also the unit’s commander.

“We are fighting with our hearts not just with weapons because we do not have enough equipment but it is my duty to defeat the enemy for my people and my homeland.


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