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Moment British Mother Accused of Fleeing to Syria Joining ISIS with Her Toddler

This is the moment a British mother accused of fleeing to Syria to join ISIS with her toddler breaks down in her police interview and tells officers how she escaped the terrorist stronghold of Raqqa.

Mother-of-one Tareena Shakil, 26, accused of fleeing to Syria to join ISIS.She is seen breaking down claiming she ran away from terrorist forces.

Tareena Shakil, 26, booked a one-week package holiday to Turkey and left on October 20, 2014 – but four days later crossed the Syrian border with her baby.

She denies being a member of a terrorist organisation and is standing trial at Birmingham Crown Court.

In January 2015 Shakil crossed back into Turkey, where she was detained by border police and eventually arrested at Heathrow Airport on February 18 and questioned by officers.

In the footage shown to the jury and since released by West Midlands Police, Shakil, dressed in a niqab and wiping tears from her eyes, said she went to Syria after developing a relationship with a man she met in Turkey, before revealing details of her escape from ISIS-controlled Raqqa.

Clutching a tissue, she tells officers: ‘It was never my intention to go to Syria. Whilst being on holiday in Turkey I happened to meet a young Turkish man on the beach. I liked him. We developed somewhat of a relationship.

‘He said that holiday season was coming to an end and he said it would be nice if I wanted to fly to Gazientrap and meet with his family.’

Cutting to footage of Shakil describing her arrival in Syria, she says: ‘I said I want to leave this place, I want to leave this place.’

She claims a man told her: ‘No, no, this is impossible for me to let you leave.

‘Maybe you will alert the police to this place, maybe you will bring problems to this place.’
Shakil continues: ‘And then they just drove across the farmland and you had entered Syria.
‘We came to a big gate and there were many ISIS soldiers there with guns. We entered and the women were like, ‘This place is hell’.’

Sighing, Shakil adds: ‘That place is not a good place. It is a horrible, horrible place.’

Cutting to her escape from Raqqa to the Turkish border in a taxi, she says: ‘I heard him say, ‘Turkey’, talking to his wife, and I heard him say, ‘one kilometer.’

‘I said to him, ‘brother, brother, what is that about Turkey?’ And he said, ‘Turkey one kilometer this way’, Daily Mail reported.


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