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“Putin Won’t Hesitate to Strike Turkey If It Sends Troops to Syria”

The Russian president will not hesitate to launch a war against Turkey, or even the US, in case Ankara and Riyadh send their infantry troops to Syria, a Russian senior diplomat told Raialyoum newspaper.

I do Know President Putin; he will not let Syria duplicate the Afghani sample, he added.

His remarks were published in the context of an article which stressed that the hot positions of confrontation in the Syrian field are the eastern province of Raqqa and Aazaz which lies in Aleppo northern countryside.

The article noted that the Syrian troops which are heading towards Raqqa aim at anticipating any Saudi-Turkish intervention, which will lead to a direct confrontation, and that the Russia will certainly support the Syrian army in such a case.

The escalating conflict in Syria may destroy empires and kingdoms and may claim the souls of millions of people, according to the article which pointed out the Russian military will resort to non-traditional weaponry if its bases in Syria get bombarded.

Finally, the article mentioned that “Israel” will boldly side with the Saudi-Turkish alliance as the handshake between the Zionist security minister Moshe Yaalon and the former Saudi intelligence chief few days ago revealed.


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