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Turkey’s Nightmare;Kurds Come Closer to Azaz, killed 6 ISIS suicide bombers

The Kurdish forces have continued their advance on the town of Azaz in Northern Aleppo province, a key Turkey-backed stronghold and supply point.

On 15 Feb, 2016 Turkish Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu said Ankara will not allow the town of Azaz in northern Syria to fall to the Kurdish YPG forces and promised the “harshest reaction,” if the group attempts to re-take the city.
From past month turkey started shelling Kurdish YPG fighters who raids Syrian rebels from a Menagh military air base, south of the town of Azaz and near the Turkish border.

The Menagh base had previously been controlled by the Ahrar ash-Sham rebel group, which seized it in August of 2013. Ahrar ash-Sham militants at the base had been supported by Al-Nusra terrorists and some extremist groups coming from Turkey.The town is highly valued as a logistical supply route close to the Turkish–Syrian border.

Peshmerga shoot dead six ISIS suicide bombers west of Kirkuk

In a separate event, A major suicide attack by so-called Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL , IS , Daesh ) terror Group on Peshmerga defense lines south of Kirkuk was foiled Saturday morning, said the frontline commander.

“The militants were gunned down before they could detonate themselves,” commander Kamal Kirkuki told Rudaw.
“Six ISIS suicide bombers attacked the Peshmerga base at around 3:30 am, whose bodies still lie there in the open field, said Kirkuki.”

“The bodies of the suicide bombers were blown to pieces after they were shot,” he added.

“If the Peshmerga had not killed the militants the attack would have caused serious casualties,” he said.

The frontline south and west of Kirkuk has experienced major confrontations between ISIS and Kurdish forces in the last two years. But the Peshmerga are well-prepared for such surprise attacks, said Kirkuki.

He claimed that at least 6,000 ISIS militants have been killed on this front.


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