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Arab, Islamic Gathering Forum on Supporting the Resistance concludes activities held in Syria

The Arab and Islamic Gathering Forum on Supporting the Resistance concluded its activities on Sunday, with the participants issuing a closing statement which expressed support for Syria in the face of terrorism and its supporters.

In the statement, the participants also asserted the need to preserve Syria’s unity and rejected all forms of subjugation, custodianship, or fragmentation, in addition to rejecting the unjust sanctions imposed on Syria and its people.

The participants denounced all decisions that seek to undermine resistance movements, calling for uniting efforts to promote the culture of resistance and affirming their support for the Palestinian people.

They also warned against the danger posed by the Saudi regime and its Wahabi mentality, and denounced the aggression waged against Yemen, in addition to asserting the unity of Iraq and their support for the Iraqi government in its battle against ISIS and terrorism.

The Forum began its activities on Saturday at the Opera House in Damascus, with the participation of figures from 28 Arab and Islamic states.


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