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Terrorist Groups Sabotage Syria’s Ceasefire

Across Syrian territory, the sound of a cautious silence should be resonating under current ceasefires. But that is not the case. Instead, the sound of gunfire is penetrating the sky above areas where the two sides of the conflict are supposed to be abiding by a truce.

If anything, terrorist groups seem to take advantage of such ceasefires, including the recent one in Aleppo brokered by the US and Russia, to continue battering Syria.

As ceasefires are not holding in Syria, it has become clear that the violations reflect the extent to which regional states have influence over the international parties concerned with the Syria crisis. These same states which are supporting Takfiri groups are largely responsible for these breaches.

The extension of a truce in Syria’s northern Lattakia province and Aleppo city for three more days comes in light of continuing breaches on the part of the terrorists.

“The number of terrorist organizations’ breaches raised to 490 since the cessation of hostilities agreement came into effect on February 27th,” SANA news agency quoted Hemeimim coordination center. Six breaches were recorded in the last 24 hours in Lattakia.

Al-Nusra Front militants launched attacks against the town of Khan Touman which the Syrian army is preparing to retake. Inwardly, after so many violations and perfidy, Syrian government forces as well as Damascus appear to be losing faith in ceasefires as they have become means of protection for foreign-backed terrorist groups.

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian blamed the armed opposition and terrorist groups for hindering a political solution and continuing breaches in Khan Touman.

Since the financial and logistical providers of these terrorist groups constitute their life support, and even manage to ensure Western disregard when it comes to ceasefire violations, it stands to reason that the only way that the bloodshed in Syria will end is by cutting off this support. As long as terrorists’ backers continue to provide such help, it will be extremely difficult to realize peace in Aleppo again.

During the past days, the so-called “Jaish al-Fat’h” coalition and its allies have claimed responsibility for missile attacks on residential areas. Therefore unless the US takes a clear and firm stand against the so-called ‘moderate rebels’, the truce would lose its significance. In other words, if the terrorists do not take a slap in the hand, they will extend it irrepressibly.

Regrettably, it seems Washington has only agreed to administer a ceasefire under pressure from Moscow.

Addressing the terrorists as “moderate” which are appreciated by al-Nusra Front, al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, is one of the US’s approaches to the conflict which is spiraling out of control because at the onset any opposition against Syrian President Bashar Assad was welcomed. Now as the threat grows, the US has practically little control over terrorist groups such as “Faylagh-o-alSham”, “Noor-0-alDin Zanki”, “Jibhat alShamia”, “Jund-alAqsa” and “al-Turkistani” which have established links with al-Nusra.

Syria is in a critical state. There is a dire need for a cessation of hostilities, one that is actually respected by both sides so that humanitarian supplies can be delivered to those in need. However, with terrorist groups constantly violating such truces, Syria will unlikely see an end to the bloodshed. That’s why the only way out, many contend, is through a political solution that begins by ending terrorism.


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