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Syrian, Russian Air Forces Hit Terrorists Positions in Aleppo Province

The Syrian and Russian warplanes, in several joint combat flights, targeted the terrorist groups’ strongholds in the Northern and Southern parts of Aleppo province, inflicting major casualties on the militants.

The Russian and Syrian fighter jets bombed heavily the terrorist gatherings in Khan Touman and al-Mir’ateh which claimed the lives of several militants and wounded several more.

The Syrian fighter jets also hit the militants’ concentration centers badly in Anadan and Hayyan, which also ended in the killing of several militants and destruction of their military vehicles.

Simultaneous with the airstrikes, the Syrian army carried out several attacks on the Takfiri terrorists’ strongholds and advanced against the militants in Northern and Southern Aleppo.

Reports said earlier today that the fighters of Manbij Military Council, affiliated to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), hit the terrorist groups’ positions hard near the Northeastern border of Aleppo province with Turkey and captured two more villages.

The SDF fighters continued to advance along the road connecting Manbij to the border town of Jarabulus in Qarah Qouzan battlefield and liberated the village of Khirbet Ayoush seven kilometers to the East of Manbij.

The Kurdish-led SDF fighters also stormed the Takfiri terrorists’ defense lines near the villages of Majra al-Nahr al-Tahtani near Jarabulus river and freed it in hours of non-stop battle.


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