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West, allies getting revenge for Aleppo victory: Syria’s UN envoy

“All these initiatives are getting blind with regard to identifying the criminals and they are just seeking the distortion of the facts and the definition of the Syrian government and its allies and getting revenge for the triumph of the Syrian army and its allies over the terrorists in Aleppo,” Bashar Ja’afari told Press TV in an exclusive interview on Friday.

The senior Syrian diplomat also stated that the main sponsors of terrorist activities in Syria, including Britain, France, and the United States, are getting “frantically hysterical” in the wake of the liberation of Aleppo from the clutches of foreign-backed militants.

The Syrian ambassador’s comments came a few hours after diplomats said France was drafting a UN Security Council resolution in a declared bid to ensure international observers for Aleppo evacuations and enable humanitarian aid to reach the city.

“It is a multi-faceted war taking place on the Syrian soil right now for too many different reasons, and each government is taking its own advantage over this mess taking place in Syria, and this is why we have no other choice but to combat terrorists and find out a political solution to our own problem by our own selves without any foreign interference, without any preconditions, and this is the only option we have,” he said in conclusion.


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