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Turkey plans new ‘anti-terror’ offensives in Syria, says Turkish president

Erdogan said in a speech in the Trabzon region near the Black Sea on Monday that Turkey will soon launch a new operation against groups deemed terrorist organisations by Ankara. He, however, did not specify where the new operations would take place.

“The first stage, the Euphrates Shield operation… is over. But more will follow,” Erdogan said, adding, “There is no stopping, the road continues. We are making preparations for new operations in other regions for getting to the terrorists on their hills. We will give new names to the new operations.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Turkish president stressed, “The next months with God’s permission will be spring for the Turkish nation and a black winter for the terrorists.”

On Wednesday, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim announced the end of the country’s seven-month long military campaign in northern Syria.

The Turkish premier, however, refrained from elaborating on whether Turkish forces would be withdrawn from northern Syria.


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