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Russia fires missiles at Daesh positions outside Syria’s Palmyra

In a Wednesday statement, the Defense Ministry said four Kalibr cruise missiles were fired and successfully hit Daesh combat vehicles and terrorists outside Palmyra.

The warships “targeted an area east of Palmyra, where the militants’ heavy weaponry and manpower were located. All targets have been destroyed.”
The statement added that the missile strikes killed the Daesh militants deployed to the area from Raqqah, the terror group’s main bastion in Syria, without giving a specified number.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu also briefed President Vladimir Putin on the successful launch of missiles.

The US, Turkey and Israel had received warnings in advance of the missile launches, said the statement.

On May 25, the Russian Air Force spotted a large Daesh convoy, comprising 39 vehicles and 120 militants, outside Raqqah and destroyed it before reaching Palmyra.

Palmyra, a UNESCO world heritage, is of strategic importance to Daesh as it is located in the central Homs Province around 225 kilometers from Raqqah.


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