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Turkish Army Invades Two Villages in Northern Syria

The Turkish Army soldiers entered two Kurdish villages North-East of Aleppo province, Kurdish media outlet reported.

The Turkish forces entered the villages of Bobene and Sifteke in the town of Kobani (Ein al-Arab) at around 18:30 GMT on Sunday, the Kurdish-language Hawar News agency reported.

Local residents reportedly said that the Turkish servicemen were mining the area.

The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) warned that it would give a response if the Turkish troops refused to leave Kobane.

Turkey entered Northern Syria in August 2016 starting the operation Euphrates Shield against ISIL.

The Turkish Army has built a new road in Northern Aleppo to use it in its imminent operation against the Kurdish fighters in Afrin region, local media outlet reported.

Hawar news reported on Saturday that the Turkish army’s engineering units constructed military roads in the region under their control adjacent to the village of Kardu in Bolboleh region in Northern Aleppo, adding that the army dispatched a large volume of military equipment and a large number of soldiers to Bolboleh border region.

Hawar news added that the engineering units constructed a 3-kolometer-long road with 6m of width.

The road is 300m away from Kardu, Hawar news said, adding that the Turkish army is to use the road for its imminent operation against Kurds.

In the meantime, the Turkish military is building a 5-kilometer-long buffer wall between the villages of Obeidan in Bolboleh and Marsou in Shara region.


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