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3rd Group of Jeish Al-Islam Militants Leave Douma for Northern Syria

Over 630 Jeish al-Islam terrorists and their family members left Douma in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus for Northern Syria, military sources said, adding that the Syrian army has freed several abducted civilians.

The sources said on Thursday that the third group of Jeish al-Islam terrorists and family members, consisting of 635 people, left Douma for Jerablus on 13 buses through al-Wafeedin corridor.

They added that the Syrian army freed 13 civilians, including several women and children, who were kidnapped by Jeish al-Islam in Eastern Ghouta.

Meantime, field sources said that nearly 4,000 militants and their family members have left Douma since the start of the humanitarian ceasefire in Eastern Ghouta.

Also, on Wednesday, nearly 1,200 militants of Jeish al-Islam group had left the Eastern Ghouta town of Douma for Northern Syria along with their family members within the framework of an agreement with the Syrian Army.

A sum of 24 buses transferred 1,198 militants of Jeish al-Islam and their family members from Douma to the town of Jarabulus in Northeastern Aleppo via al-Wafedeen safe corridor.

It was the second group of Jeish al-Islam militants that left Douma.

A 1,130-member group of Jeish al-Islam militants and their family members had previously departed from Douma.

In the meantime, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that over 40,000 Syrian civilians have thus far returned to their homes in different towns and villages of Eastern Ghouta.

A military source, meanwhile, said that differences and tensions among terrorist groups have made implementation of the reconciliation plan in the region difficult.


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