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Saudi Arabia burns the Holy Quran

quranA Bahraini social website published pictures showing that Saudi Arabian and Bahraini forces have burnt Qurans. The social Bahraini websites have published pictures showing that the Saudi Arabian forces and the mercenaries bought by Bahrain burned Qurans when they attacked Masjid Al-Kuwaykabat in Al-Kurah.

Bahraini news sources have reported that people have been killed and holy sites have been disrespected as the international media and the Bahraini media remain silent on the issue.

It should be noted that Saudi Arabian and Bahraini forces have been attacking Shia mosques and hussayniyahs over the past few days. They have burned Qurans, something that the Islamic world was infuriated over when it happened at the hands of a mentally handicapped American priest. But, it seems as if the Islamic world has nothing to say when Saudi Arabia does it. Or, do they?

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