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Grand Shia Cleric: Bahrain’s Fate Awaits Al-Saud

Ayatollah_Hossein_Nouri_HamedaniAyatollah Hossein Nouri Hamedani cautioned on Thursday Saudi rulers of the same fate as that of Bahrain’s royal family. “Today, the wave of Islamic awakening has overrun countries across the globe and God-willing this wave will become even more widespread,” FNA quoted Ayatollah Hamedani as saying. “We take pride in that all these awakenings have been influenced by the Iranian movement,” he said in reference to Iran’s Islamic revolution of 1979.

The senior cleric pointed out that an Islamic Middle East is in the making and that the schemes by arrogant powers, the US in particular, to forge an Israel-centered region has failed. “Despite the obstacles created by oppressors and arrogant powers, this course is irreversible,” he said.

Ayatollah Hamedani criticized the states ruled by Arab royal families in the Middle East as puppet regimes swept into power and sustained by Washington. “The US has empowered Al Khalifa in Bahrain, Al Saud in Saudi Arabia, Al Nahyan in the United Arab Emirates and Al Sabah in Kuwait to maintain its dominance on the region,” he said. “Currently, these puppet regimes have been shaken and Saudi Arabia should know it is bound to face a fate similar to that in Bahrain,” the cleric warned.

Ayatollah Hamedani lashed out at the West’s dual stance on the recent developments in the region. “They are attempting to maintain their puppet rulers a while longer, but they should know that the culture of Islamic awakening will not die and they will all be eliminated.”

The Iranian cleric also rejected allegations made by a number of such Arab states which accuse the Islamic Republic of interference in Bahrain’s internal affairs. Such accusations are made by the same countries that invaded Bahrain, the Iranian cleric said, stressing that Iran has only engaged in preaching Islamic teachings and supporting the oppressed, and that it takes pride in doing so.


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